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Walk your way to a healthy heart


Healthy walks

Heart Month September 2016 – is all about raising awareness for heart disease in South Africa. Statistics in South Africa show: – 210 people die from heart disease every day –  80% of these premature deaths can be prevented by eating better, moving more, and avoiding smoking – Numerous studies have found that physical inactivity […]


The Wonderful Colours of Autumn


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With Summer fading into Autumn, we have put together a list of walking holidays you can venture on to enjoy the beautiful colours that Autumn brings. Lift your spirits with the wonderful colours of Autumn and enjoy the unique conditions that this season can offer. With destinations often quieter after the summer, Autumn at its […]


Walks for Food Lovers


food walks

Part of the charm of a walking holiday is how it allows you to immerse yourself into wherever you are passing through. An aspect of our holidays that many people look forward to is a chance to enjoy the local delicacies and specialities on offer along the way. Many of our holiday destinations have a […]


Hidden Treasures: Places you can only reach on foot


Hidden Walks

There are so many ‘unreachable’ places that only the most explorative of people get to see. However, so many of these hidden treasures are easily accessible by foot. Walking holidays are an amazing opportunity to really get to know a place and culture, with the added bonus of finding little hidden gems that you otherwise […]