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Language Mini Guides for a European Holiday


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With so many amazing walks available in France, Germany, Spain and Italy, we decided to put together four language mini guides to help you on your journey. Language is such an important part of what makes a country unique. You can really immerse yourself in the history and culture of a place by speaking with […]


Walking down literary lane: 3 walks for literature lovers


Literature Lovers

Whether it was Hamlet, Mansfield Park or Jane Eyre that pulled on your heart-strings, prepare to be transported to the lives of their creators by walking the countryside that these authors would have called home. This Spring we have put together a list of walking tours designed for those of you who love to spend […]


Walks for Wine Lovers: A guide to the best vineyard trails in Europe


Viticulture The Sun That Ripens The Grapes

It’s that time of the year when Spring brings with it the promise of sunshine, summer and spending our days outdoors. For those of you who can’t think of anything better than soaking up the sun with a glass of wine in your hand, we’ve put together a list of the best walking tours for […]


Need a New Challenge? Walk Corsica’s GR 20, the Toughest Hike in Europe


Have you found that your once fierce passion for hiking has been waning a little recently? Don’t worry! It doesn’t mean that the spark has gone – it might just mean you’ve become bored hiking the same old trails and viewing the same old scenery. It’s known as ‘repetitive boredom’, described as being when ‘something […]