Exploring Europe in Autumn: 5 of the Best French Hikes


Autumn is a great season for exploring hidden treasures in Europe. The weather is mild yet still warm enough to enjoy, and as autumn is a transitional season, the vibrant changing colours are a great compliment to the surrounding scenery. In this post we will explore some of the best autumn hikes in France that […]


Walking the shores & mountainsides of Lake Como


On my recent research trip to Italy I found myself on the enchanting shores of Lake Como. Often overshadowed by its status as a chic celebrity hangout (being the favoured getaway of George Clooney, et al), Como still manages to capture a feeling of nostalgic elegance. But I wasn’t there for the fine dining, to sip […]


Walking holidays in the Canary Islands Spain: why it is the best winter choice


In this article, I’ll get to the point and tell you in a few words why you should choose the Canary Islands in Spain, as the best destination in Europe for walking holidays and tours in winter. After you get to the end of my article I will give you the secrets of all the […]


Pilgrimage Routes: Who Was Thomas Becket?



Despite holding the title way back in the 12th Century, Thomas Becket is probably the most famous Archbishop of Canterbury to date. But who is this man, now recognised as a saint, and why do pilgrims still flock to Canterbury Cathedral to pay homage to him? Thomas Becket was born in London in approximately 1118 […]